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The Creative Process

If you have an idea for a ring, a pendant, a necklace, earrings, or any other piece fashioned out of gold and precious stones, then you can talk it over with Sergio. Some clients bring pictures from a magazine or a screenshot of a piece that attracts them. Others sketch the imagined piece as a starting point. Still others have learned to tap into Sergio Porcari's imagination and benefit from it. There are a number of methods to arrive at a piece of custom jewellery.

For his part, Sergio prides himself in getting to know his clients. He knows what they like and what will please them. In that way, he can design a piece and suggest it to a particular client. Once the design is settled, he first makes a mold in wax and, when the size and shape are determined, he proceeds to the manufacture of the actual piece of custom jewellery.

Say It with Jewellery

Oritalia and Sergio Porcari have also been called upon to create unique pieces for the film industry and for celebrities.

Many clients want to present a particular piece as a gift or in recognition of an anniversary or event: gold for a fiftieth anniversary, silver for the sixtieth. You may want to present a piece that contains a certain birthstone – or the birthstones of someone's loved ones set into gold. Such intimate gifts require not only the right choice of precious stone, but also the experience and skill to achieve the desired effect. For all of that, Oritalia is at your service.

Some clients keep a charm bracelet in honour of their children. Each new child necessitates an additional charm. Such custom jewellery projects are necessarily intimate and require personalized service.

Custom jewellery, in effect, is at the core of the creativity for which Sergio Porcari is renowned. In 1968, Sergio worked in partnership with his teacher who was awarded with the International Diamond Award, the most prestigious award in the world in the industry. While his teacher won the award for the design, Sergio dedicated 975 hours to bring the conception to life, thus distinguishing himself as a master of custom jewellery at the tender age of 22.

joaillier Italien

Business hours

Mon to Wed : 10am-5pm Thursday Friday : 10am-7pm Saturday : 10am-5pm
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